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IIPI: Serious Games For Highly Mobile Environments

Via: Information In Place, Inc.

Information in Place Inc. (IIPI) focuses on developing learning solutions, capturing expert knowledge and delivery of information in highly mobile environments.

IIPI has developed context-aware technologies to increase efficiency of operations and situational awareness. When combined with the company's learning methodologies, these systems enable people to interact with information tailored to their needs, while having full awareness of their surroundings.

Selected solutions could include an augmented reality system that consists of a wearable computer, indoor or outdoor tracking systems, and a see-through head-worn display. Via this display, information may be co-registered with the real world, which means that after virtual objects are placed in space with the IIPI CREATE (a mixed reality authoring tool), they appear at the location specified as people move about the space.


Viyant™ is a powerful set of remote communication tools delivering true mobile coordination.

Centrally located experts can assist mobile support staff with the right information, at the right time - Just In Place®. Viyant™ supports a wide range of information gathering and display devices, providing the best mobile solution for challenging work environments.

Viyant™ can capture and clarify the contextual implications of the task at hand, provide analysis of past experiences and enable the expert to identify and deliver the most appropriate solution remotely to mobile support staff.

IIPI Develops Viyant™ Hazmat Disaster Response

BLOOMINGTON, IN-October 2, 2008-Information In Place Inc. announced that it is adapting its Viyant™ mobile collaboration software to support responses to disasters.

The new features will provide workers at man-made and natural disaster sites with tools to collaborate and problem solve with a national network of hazardous materials experts.

The Viyant™ Hazmat network is being built on Information In Place's existing remote coordination technology platform, Viyant™.

The Bloomington-based company is using a $100,000 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences' Worker Education and Training Program and matching funds from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation's 21st Century Research and Technology Fund to enhance the existing technology and speed commercialization of the expert network.

The Viyant™ Hazmat expert network connects disaster clean up and demolition worksite personnel with hazmat and safety experts to deliver real time assistance and work site specific training.

Remotely located experts can assist mobile workers with the right information, at the right time - Just In Place®. By leveraging the context of the mobile worker and enabling real time information sharing, Viyant™ Hazmat provides situational awareness to the off-site expert so they can best assist the mobile worker.

With Viyant's network of experts at their fingertips, remote worksite supervisors can more effectively address unexpected safety and hazmat situations that are part of any disaster or demolition site.

"Viyant™ Hazmat is an invaluable communication tool in environments where speed, safety and reliability are critical." said Sonny Kirkley, CEO of Information in Place. "We will build this service on our existing technology platform, Viyant™, which gives us a proven and stable foundation to launch our Viyant™ Hazmat Expert Network to address the safety and hazmat needs of disaster and demolition worksites."

About Information in Place

IIPI was founded in 1999 as a spin-out of Indiana University's Center for Excellence in Education.

Located in Bloomington’s Certified Technology Park, IIPI offers products and services that enhance operational performance through the intersection of human performance technology, advanced instructional theory and innovative computer technology. On the leading-edge of the company’s computer technology, IIPI has developed mixed and augmented reality offerings that combine virtual information with the real world.

For almost a decade, the company has performed cutting edge research for the federal government and various organizations in the Department of Defense using emerging learning technologies. In addition to this work, IIPI has also developed training solutions for large corporate organizations.

To sustain its technology edge, the Company mentors student interns and fosters close working relationships with faculty at Indiana University Bloomington, IUPUI, Purdue University, and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business named the company one of Indiana's most innovative companies in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

The company also scored accolades from Military Training Technology magazine as one of the global top 100 companies in the military training industry from 2003 through 2007.

It was recently selected as one of Indiana's hottest 50 second-stage companies.