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Serious Games Allowing Us To Experience Every Web Page In 3D

Via: ExitReality Launches Public Beta

In my prior post Serious Gaming With Immersive Views Across The Web, I had already addressed ExitReality’s promise to transform the social networking experience by offering virtual versions of every social network site profile.

The London, UK headquartered (the development team, founder and CEO are in Australia) startup has now officially launched its Public Beta, with an ambitious value proposition of making the entire world wide web available in 3D… absolutely free.

At their site’s welcome page, ExitReality declare upfront “they have found a couple of wrinkles, so they are currently ironing them out” (a comprehensive review on this matter can be found at

Over 40 billion web pages have become a target for ExitReality free Internet plug-in: compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome Internet browser, it can easily be installed after a quick 4MB

ExitReality has also unveiled its 3D search engine with the biggest repository of open source 3D worlds and 3D objects on the Internet, according to their Blog Users can search for 3D content in the ExitReality Dashboard and explore virtual worlds created by developers found in the ExitReality Search Engine as well.

2D YouTube – Carls Jnr Advertisement

3D YouTube cinema - Carls Jnr Advertisement

YouTube videos can now be viewed as a 3D cinema. Watch the same YouTube video with others. Now you can chat and comment as avatars about the video being played right in front you.

2D ‘Toms’ MySpace Page

3D ‘Toms’ MySpace Apartment

With ExitReality, users can now view their Social Network Pages such as Facebook and MySpace as a 3D apartment and further enhance their webspace with 3D objects and themes from the ExitReality Search Engine.

2D Flickr Home Page – Search “Flowers”

3D Flickr Image Gallery – Search “Flowers”

Flickr albums and search results can be viewed as an online gallery.

2D The Guardian Website

3D The Guardian Website – including additional decoration (sky, roof top theme, snow)

Google 2D

Google 3D