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Serious Gaming With The History Of Halloween At

Via: - Scares Up the History of Halloween

This Halloween, takes a look at the 2000+ year old holiday with videos, trivia and a wide array of newly-updated, interactive features.

The newly updated 'History of Halloween' interactive Web site looks at the holiday from all angles, from the ancient origins of Halloween to modern traditions and superstitions.

can watch video on the history of Halloween costumes, read the legendary story of “Jack O’Lantern,” learn about historic haunting, and play the Hidden Spirits Game.

The Hidden Spirits Game allows players to conduct a series of investigations in a hotel that has a history of paranormal activity.

Game Play

The Royal Mangnall Hotel was built in 1889 and burnt to the ground on opening day. The Hotel was rebuilt the same year and quickly gained a reputation of cursed property, with several tales of apparitions and other disturbances accumulated over the years. 

In 1984, a small group of paranormal enthusiasts, under the name Royal Mangnall Society (RMS) began compiling records on the strange phenomena. The Society is still active today, using modern technology to flesh out dozens of case files.

As the player you are a potential member of RMS.

In order to be considered for full membership you must first pass a field examination: you will conduct a series of paranormal investigations, collecting evidence to support the enclosed case files.

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