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e.Virtuoses: First Serious Games Conference to Be Held in France

Via: Jeux Sérieux e.virtuoses: First Serious Games Developers Conference to Be Held in France

On the 26th of November 2008, e.virtuoses - the first Serious Games Developers Conference in France will be held at the Nouveau Siècle, in Lille, Northern France.

The conference teaser reads as follows:

Welcome to a world where “games” mean “serious” and virtual worlds improve reality in the best interest of learning, performance, and well being.

Organized by the Valenciennois Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the event will welcome Serious Games specialists, outsourcers and developers, with the main objective of further exploring the potential of Serious Games emerging market and promoting collaboration among its major players, including the public sector.

e.virtuoses program overview includes Serious Games workshops in the areas of transport and logistics, healthcare, trading, education and training, citizenship, and sustainable development.

The conference official Web site informs that details of the event shall be available soon.