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PLusOneMe Helping You Acknowledge People’s Strengths


I have recently come across a video from Business Week’s Voices Of Innovation - Using Games for Business Research:How Play Can Shape The Future, where Jane McGonigal addresses five essential questions, within a five-minute slot, on how ARGs can serve as a real-world tool.

At the end of the video, Jane McGonigal introduces the site, where we can provide immediate feedback on the interview.

As a typical gamer, Jane enjoys the instantaneous positive feedback we get from gaming: as we complete a level, solve a challenge, etc. we get in-game points, money, level up, or other such rewards.

Similarly, PlusOneMe (+1 me) helps you acknowledge people's strengths. It is all about gold stars for grownups. When you want to acknowledge people for a strength they have, you can +1 them for that attribute.

To get started, all you have to do is enter your email and an email of a friend you want to acknowledge.

Here is Jane’s current status: