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Serious Games Educate Small Businesses on IT Security Threats

Via: HP London - New HP Online Game Educates Small Businesses on IT Security Threats


HP announced late October the launch of its first Serious Game on IT security, which is designed to educate small businesses and entrepreneurs on the best ways to protect their data and intellectual assets from unwanted intrusion.

Accelerate Security is a fun, practical way to raise awareness about everyday security threats and how best to tackle them. The game covers a range of common security issues such as virus attacks, identity theft and data back-up, to help small business and small office (SBSO) users make security and protection part of their ongoing business activities.

Players assume the role of Nicole Fernandez, the owner of a small events management company with a growing client base. Players must help Nicole launch a successful fashion show and win a new client, whilst avoiding any security threats. Over two game days with four 10 minute scenes each, players must tackle a range of business tasks and purchase relevant security software, such as firewalls and anti-virus products.

HP worked with the Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute (MEA-I), an international, non-profit organization that facilitates access and knowledge of IT among micro-enterprises, to develop the game after customer surveys among SBSOs highlighted a lack of awareness and understanding of how to effectively secure their information.

"Many small businesses today have neither the time nor the money to spend on in-house IT personnel, expensive consultants or heavy security infrastructures" said Charl Snyman, vice president and general manager, Commercial Products, Personal Systems Group, HP EMEA.

Accelerate Security is a quick, easy and entertaining way for them to educate themselves on the need for secure business operations."

A recent report by independent market research company MSI for McAfee, Inc., "Does Size Matter: The Security Challenge of the SMB" revealed that small businesses fail to allocate an appropriate amount of time and resources to security and mistakenly believe themselves to be too small to pose a target for cyber criminals.

"We work with many small business owners and users who are aware that security breaches can damage their finances, competitiveness and reputation but are unsure how to protect either themselves, their employees or their customers," said Didier Philippe, President, Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute (MEA-I).

"Accelerate Security helps them integrate basic security procedures and products into their day-to-day activities."

Accelerate Security is available free of charge.

About HP

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About MEA-I

The Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute is an international, non-profit organization that facilitates access and knowledge of IT by advancing the implementation of digital acceleration centers, student-centered teaching and learning programs through ubiquitous technology.

The Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute is sponsored by Hewlett-Packard.

First business game developed by MEA-I is now open for public access

The first business game developed by MEA-I on IT security has been sponsored by HP for helping small business owners with practical and innovative information.