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XAITMENT BrainPack: A Step Forward For Lifelike AI In Serious Games

Via: xaitment inc. – The Brand-New BrainPack Bundle Enables The Use Of xaitment Products For Free

xaitment, one of the leading developers and service providers of artificial intelligence for games and simulations, have changed their licensing mode so that other studios can use their AI SDKs for free.

The brand-new BrainPack bundle enables the use of xaitment products for free at the early stages of game development.

The license concept is easy: sign up for the BrainPack at the start of your project and you are granted an unrestricted license for the full line of xaitment standard products. Once your concept is sold to a publisher or your game is released, you just move to a full licence.

The last months have been extremely successful for xaitment: their team and customer base have shown a continuous growth and they have been working hard on their next generation AI products.

xaitment is now inviting us to celebrate the new xaitFramework 2.5 ….. “The BrainPack”.

The new xaitment BrainPack program provides flexible and affordable AI tools designed to turn your concept into a stunning, intelligent game. It is available for all Next-Gen platforms - MS Windows, Linux, Wii™, XBOX 360™, and Playstation® 3.

By signing up, you’ll receive the free BrainPack which includes all the AI products needed for your prototype development - xaitMap, xaitMove² and xaitControl.

About xaitment GmbH

A spin-off of the world-renowned German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), xaitment was founded in 2004 with the mission to create lifelike AI for games and simulations. Their mission led to the development of the xaitEngine, a highly customizable and highly modular multi-agent system that enables bots to learn from their mistakes, coordinate activities, compete with each other and achieve their goals with uncanny realism.