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IMAGINA 09: Serious Games Round Table in Monaco

Via: IMAGINA - The 3D Community Event

IMAGINA is a major European « 3D Community Event » centered on solutions which assist in designing and reaching decisions through visualizations and simulation.

IMAGINA 2009 will be held on 4-6 February 2009, at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Attendants will be able to share their experiences within a program offering conferences, round tables, master classes, workshops, and an exhibition hall.

3D tools are now more user-friendly, efficient and cheaper than ever before. Static or animated visualizations are being replaced by interactive models. These new 3D technologies are present in every single area related to design (either artistic or industrial) and at every stage of the development process - from the original idea to production - encompassing research, simulation and communication.

How can these new technologies be integrated? How can they be effectively implemented? What are the main trends for 3D technologies, their latest applications, and which sectors are involved?


IMAGINA offers a venue where, once a year, professionals from all industry sectors can meet to find out the evolution of virtual technologies / 3D software and hardware.

Whilst Research & Development remains the cornerstone of every new product, it is often the end product design that ultimately determines a purchase. 3D technology allows seamless transition between the digital model and the virtual model, resulting in virtual situation rendering of products in different environments.


It is every landscape architect's dream to produce a perfect 3D model of something as complex as a landscape.

IMAGINA’s objective is to take stock of the rapid progress made in simulation technologies applied to landscape and territory design, to examine the stakes for the territory-designing industry, and to present the tools used by software developers.


3D visualization is now one of the key services for every type of man-made construction.

IMAGINA offers a venue where, once a year, professionals can meet to find out more about the latest state-of-the-art technological innovations available to serve design in architecture. Specialists, experts and trends potters will be invited to share their views, presenting their opinions on a wide spectrum of relevant situations. These will include the application of 3D technology within their own working structures and the way it is used in architecture on a daily basis.


IMAGINA will be casting Media & Entertainment in a leading role, with a full day set aside for it, enabling artists and digital imaging experts to present an accurate and up-to-date picture of the current status concerning the creation, production and distribution of digital content.

Major 3D-software developers and publishers use IMAGINA as a platform to announce their latest products, knowing they can draw upon IMAGINA’s communication network to link with major players in the field of 3D animation.


IMAGINA 2009 is organizing, in partnership with RENAULT, the 10th DSC, from the 4th to the 6th of February 2009.

The objective of this international conference is to present to an audience of scientists, engineers, designers and users of driving simulators, a complete overview of the very latest developments in the field.

Virtual Worlds and Serious Games Round Table

IMAGINA is scheduling a round table on the topic of virtual universes and games on the 6th of February.

Co-creation and collaboration within companies are the new frontiers for 3D technologies, virtual reality and metaverse, and must-have tools for companies looking to enhance their performance.

Internally, they can harness the pooled intelligence of employees for a whole array of activities: brainstorming sessions, project management, team leading, collaborative production, conception and testing of new products etc. They are suited to assisting companies in opening up to the outside world, enabling them to cooperate with their partners and customers. Regarding innovations, 3D technology enables companies to co-create the products of the future in collaboration with their end-users. It also facilitates participatory design, and shortens each of the various stages of development, from the initial generation of an idea right to its official launch. 3D technology makes visualizing and manufacturing the future possible!

IntraVerse Awards

Following the round table organized by La Fabrique du Futur, the winners of the IntraVerse Awards will be announced at 14.00-16.00 h. This award distinguishes the best projects addressing collaboration and co-creation in virtual universes.

Leveraging on the success of the IntraBlog Awards (which reward the best company Blogs), the IntraVerse Awards aspiration is to become one of the most prestigious organizational awards.

The competition aims at recognizing the best of organizational projects contextualized in virtual worlds. Created in 2008 by B-r-ent, the IntraVerse Awards were launched with a ceremony held simultaneously at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Paris and in Second Life.

After its successful launch, IntraVerse is now going global. The '2009 International IntraVerse Awards' (2009 IIVA) will be held in Monaco in the context of IMAGINA and will be further enhanced by the '2009 World IntraVerse Awards' ('2009 WIVA ') to be held in London in June 2009.