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Serious Games For UK Defence College


Caspian Learning awarded contract by UK Defence College of Policing and Guarding to develop interactive Search and Seizure educational game

Sunderland, 04th December 08 - Caspian Learning, global leaders in the use of simulations and games to solve learning issues, today announces it has signed a contract with the Defense College of Policing and Guarding to develop a 3D simulation to assist in training.

The simulation, which will be the first of its kind at the College, aims to broaden the learning experience for trainee police and will help students to learn about entry, search and seizure procedures.

Caspian will use its authoring engine, Thinking Worlds™ to develop the simulation, which will take trainees through 3D environments and enable them to investigate scenarios from examining crime scenes to questioning military suspects, as well as searching property and people for effective seizure of evidence.

Graeme Duncan, CEO at Caspian Learning said: “The College has recognised that immersive games can motivate and engage learners more effectively than some traditional training methods. This type of project will help demonstrate the real learning benefits associated with immersive simulations within the defense and policing landscape.”

About Caspian Learning

Established in 2002, Caspian Learning is the leader in the use of simulations and games within training and education. By combining best practice in learning and memory research with 3D computer gaming technologies, Caspian developed a proprietary engine called Thinking Worlds™ that delivers highly advanced and engaging 3D Performance Simulations. These simulations transform the standard learning experience and place learners in highly contextual, immersive 3D worlds where they have to demonstrate their skill levels and carry out problem solving tasks.

Caspian has used its technology to deliver over 40 learning applications to a range of sectors, including public, private and education. Caspian is the winner of the best learning game and simulation category at the eLearning awards, 2008.