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Serious Games Played Out On Urban Screens

Victory Park, Dallas, Texas, US

Via: Technology-Supported Human-World Interaction - Urban Screens: Streaming Museum in Cyberspace and Public Space on 7 Continents

Lynn Marentette, in two of her Blogs Interactive Multimedia Technology and Technology-Supported Human-World Interaction (Lynn is also the author of TechPsych), covers the Streaming Museum - the hybrid museum that presents real-time exhibitions in cyberspace and public spaces on seven continents. It is produced in New York City in collaboration with international artists, curators, and cultural institutions. 

Exhibitions are viewed in cyberspace and Ars Virtua New Media Center in Second Life and public locations around the world according to schedules listed on the website.

Ars Virtua New Media Center, Second Life

Among the public locations screening the exhibition are: Africa: Ubuntu Center, Port Elizabeth, South Africa; Asia: Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea Antarctica: British Antarctic Survey Station and Jubany scientific base of Argentina; Australia: Federation Square, Melbourne; Europe: BBC screens throughout the UK; North America: Victory Park, Dallas, Texas, USA; South America: Centro Municipal de Exposiciones Subte, Montevideo, Uruguay; and many other locations.

Ubuntu Center, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Jubany Scientific Base, Antarctica

Some of the recent events have been played out on urban screens

BBC Big Screens - United Kingdom

Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy

Federation Square, Melbourne Australia

Centro Municipal de Exposiciones Subte, Montevideo, Uruguay

Streaming Museum was conceived as a source of free cultural content and public service messaging created by artists on the environment, education, and health.

Taking inspiration from pioneer multi-media artist Nam June Paik who in the 1970's envisioned an "electronic superhighway" as an open and free medium for imagination and exchange of global cultures, the Museum launched on January 29, 2008 exhibiting simultaneously on 7 continents, Paik's Good Morning Mr. Orwell - an entertaining mix of international fine art and pop culture.

On October 3, Streaming Museum launched the exhibition series Artists and Innovators for the Environment in collaboration with TED Prize and the Urban Screens Festival in a simultaneous cross-continental broadcast of program content and visual connection between the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, New York City, and Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia.

Artists and Innovators for the Environment is a three-part, six-month exhibition.

Part one, on view from October 3 to December 3, featured John Cage, Cedar Lake Dance, Agnes Denes, Jaap Drupsteen, Buckminster Fuller, Brian Mackern, James Nachtwey, Nunatak, Emanuel Dimas de Melo, Pimenta, Anni Rapinoja, Huang Ruo, Gustavo Santaolalla, Robert Snyder, Jacob ter Veldhuis, and innovative designs for environmental sustainability by Chuck Hoberman and others.Part Two, on view from December 3 to February 3, features Andrea Ackerman, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Agnes Denes, Jaap Drupsteen, Ben Edwards, Buckminster Fuller, David Jr. & One-Eyed Doll, Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, Marty St. James, Robert Snyder, James Tunick, Jacob Ter Veldhuis, Stephen Vitiello, Julia Wolfe, and other visionary creators.About Streaming Museum

Founded by Nina Colosi in January 2008, exhibitions are produced in New York City in collaboration with international curators, artists and cultural institutions. Streaming Museum is sponsored by FJC – A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds, and ONSSI.

About TED Prize

Each year, the TED Prize, an initiative of the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference, grants three extraordinary individuals one wish to change the world. Winners are given one hundred thousand dollars in seed money, and individuals within the TED community and the world at large participate in making the wish come true.

About Urban Screens Melbourne 08 (USM08)

Urban Screens Melbourne 08 demonstrated how new urban multimedia infrastructures can build relationships with and between the citizens of a modern and vibrant city and increasingly between cities and citizens around the world.

USM08 celebrated Federation Square as a modern multimedia precinct, taking its place among an emerging global network of urban screens venues. Together they are creating new opportunities for global community building, multiculturalism, and public education and engagement in the consideration of environmental, cultural and social sustainability.

Urban Screens Melbourne 08 was the third in a series of worldwide Urban Screen events, following Amsterdam 05 and Manchester 07.

Melbourne 08 showcased a wide range of proof-of-concept projects of new forms of urban screen networking and technologies to support public interaction in cultural development, exchange, discourse and creative education. Urban Screens Founder and President is Mirjam Struppek.