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eInstruction Unveils Mobile Teaching Device

eInstruction Mobile Teaching Device Privately Delivers Real Time Assessment Results and a Collaborative Learning Environment

eInstruction, one of the leading providers of interactive educational technology, will be introducing their two newest products to the education world at FETC in Orlando, Fla. this week.

The Interwrite Mobi (a first-of-its-kind multi-user tablet) and the Interwrite DualBoard (a dual pen interactive whiteboard) are the next generation of interactive technology for the classroom that will allow educators to instruct in ways never possible before—encouraging classroom collaboration, assessing student comprehension and remaining mobile in the classroom to give the teacher complete control!

Here is today’s Press Release at full!

eInstruction Unveils Next Generation of Interactive Classroom Technology — Interwrite Mobi System

Industry’s first mobile teaching device privately delivers real time assessment results and a collaborative learning environment

DENTON, Texas — Jan. 21, 2009 —
eInstruction™, a premier global provider of interactive learning solutions, today unveils the release of the Interwrite Mobi System™, the industry’s first multi-user, multi-tablet system. The Mobi System supports student-centered, collaborative learning for teachers to contribute along with students to the same digital content ranging from team activities to learning simulations to interactive lessons.

Also a first, Mobi’s built-in color LCD display reports student responses instantly, making it easy for teachers to identify students in need of special attention or lessons that require re-teaching.

The Mobi System includes the Interwrite Mobi tablet (for teachers), two Interwrite Mobi Learner tablets (for students), Mobi Dock (charging & security station) and Interwrite Workspace® 8.0 software.

When used with CPS (Classroom Performance System), the industry’s leading student response system, the integrated color LCD screen on the Mobi displays individual student answers in real time. This dynamic feature allows teachers to privately view each student’s graded answer seconds after a question has been posed. With this knowledge at hand, teachers are empowered to provide differentiated instruction as the lesson unfolds, ensuring each student understands a concept, regardless of their learning style.

“The best part of the Mobi System is the immediate feedback,” said Amber Tetrick, ninth grade English teacher at Hillside Junior High in Boise , ID. “Students are more accountable for their answers, knowing that I can see their response the moment they buzz in. Even our pre-test reviews are taken more seriously!”

The Mobi Learner tablets enable individuals or groups of students to provide direct input into a lesson without having to go to the front of the room. These durable devices are ideal for passing around the classroom, increasing participation and sense of student ownership in the learning process. In place of the color LCD screen, the Mobi Learner features a three line black and white screen that provides status information.

“From the beginning, the Mobi System was designed based on direct input from educators. We have created a mobile solution ideal for managing today’s computer-based classroom, while providing for a new level of student-teacher and student-student interaction,” said Steve Kaye , CEO of eInstruction. “We couldn’t be more excited to provide educators with a powerful alternative to an interactive whiteboard at a lower price point.”

The Mobi and Mobi Learner tablets are ergonomically shaped making them extremely comfortable to write on, hold and carry. Designed to be ultra light weight and classroom tough, each Mobi tablet includes a convenient internal recharging pen holder.

The Mobi System also features an instant-connect wireless technology allowing multiple Mobi users to work simultaneously in the same classroom. While each student can have their own Mobi, as many as nine Mobi tablets can simultaneously interact and contribute information to the same Workspace page.

Interwrite Workspace 8.0 is an instructional and multi-user collaboration software package that combines ease-of-use, multi-user input, CPS and PRS integration and text book publisher content compatibility to provide a superior collaborative instructional experience. Workspace 8.0 is compatible with content from over 6,000 textbooks.

The Mobi and the Mobi System, including Workspace, are compatible with eInstruction’s entire product suite: CPS, PRS, Interwrite Cricket, Interwrite Pad and Board, Learning Series assessment content, and the market leading ExamView® test generation software. Mobi System’s pricing and availability offered upon request.

About eInstruction™

eInstruction is the creator of the first student response system for the education market.

Its Classroom Performance System (CPS) provides instructors and students with real-time feedback on comprehension during instruction. Today CPS remains the leading student response system in education, used by millions of students and educators in 400,000 K-12 classrooms and 1,300 higher education institutions worldwide.

In 2006, eInstruction acquired FSCreations and integrated its ExamView® and Learning Series content into CPS.

In 2008, eInstruction joined forces with Interwrite Learning®, another premier global provider of interactive learning solutions for primary, secondary and higher education markets (please find also my prior post
Interwrite Learning: Serious Games Customize Interactive Classroom).

To learn more about eInstruction’s Interactive Classroom solutions, please visit