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Generation Game: Communications Landscape In 2009

Via: Leo Burnett Group - Predictions for 2009

For the second year Leo Burnett Group’s team of prognosticators has offered an incisive peek at what to expect in the next twelve months.
Leo Burnett's futures editor, Ben Hourahine, reveals fascinating insights into what is forging the new communications landscape in 2009 -- and how digital is at the forefront.

Nine Things That Will Define 2009 – Highlights
  1. New realism. The speculative affluence era will be replaced by a more grounded and socially creative phase.
  2. Hyper-reality. Expect the pace of change around the world to further accelerate.
  3. Trust economy. Trust will be a critical factor for brands in 2009.
  4. Eco austerity. The green argument will turn from a moral issue to an economic one.
  5. Digital TV. 2009 will be the tipping point for broadcast quality television on the Internet.
  6. Thread marketing. Content will be free from central control, tradable across multiple networks, and threaded together across media.
  7. Generation game. Gaming will become a truly mass pursuit, as economic pressures encourage us homewards.
  8. End of fact. Expect the deluge of contradictory “definitive” opinions and solutions to increase. This year “facts will die”.
  9. Brands as vehicles. Brands of the future will be vehicles, not just destinations.
On Generation Game

Video games used to be the preserve of disenchanted adolescents, but as gaming becomes a truly mass pursuit, soon we will all be part of the 'generation game'.

Ever since the camera was turned round in the first Wii advert (which showed what the players experienced, not the game they were playing), the accessibility of the medium has exploded.

They can help us keep fit and improve our mental skills -- no wonder games were set to be the biggest selling entertainment item in the U.K. this Christmas (2008).

With economic pressures set to encourage us homewards, the cultural clout of gaming will be further accelerated.

The future of the medium is unlimited as the educational potential and social networking possibilities of games platforms are further explored.

Gaming will be a fulcrum for future innovation across multiple areas.

Did you know Barack Obama advertised in the Xbox 360 game Burnout: Paradise? Did you know the Fifa 09 development team includes people from 18 different countries speaking 20 different languages? Did you ever expect to be playing tennis with your granny in the living room? No? Well don't be surprised when gaming pushes things even further beyond our current comprehension.

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