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MellaniuM On The Verge Of 3D Convergence

Via: MellaniuM – 3D Immersive Convergence Is Nigh

NORTEL has just launched the
Lenovo eLounge, beta prototype of their web.alive browser-based 3D immersive platform (please find also my prior posting Amazing 3D On-Line Shopping Experience).

It is based on the UNREAL 2.5 engine and has
garnered praise for both the quality of the graphics and the embedded VOIP directional communication system.

MellaniuM has been generating 3D immersive environments on the very same UNREAL platform and presently have a database of environments which are wholly compatible with the web.alive functionality.

MellaniuM has initiated a program of working closely with NORTEL to test an ever increasing complexity of environments to estimate if there is a practical boundary for the combination of physical size, polygon count and texture intricacy.

The main aim of this exercise is to develop a balanced concept which they hope finally to apply to a Museum of Industrial Heritage primarily aimed at incorporating archaeological sites and historical data from the North of the United Kingdom (please find also my previous post
Serious Gaming With World’s Heritage).

These sites will include such marvels as the first railway developed for use with steam locomotion.

In September, 1825, the Stockton & Darlington Railroad Company began as the first railroad to carry both goods and passengers on regular schedules using locomotives designed by English inventor, George Stephenson. Stephenson's locomotive the "Rocket" pulled six loaded coal cars and 21 passenger cars with 450 passengers over 9 miles in about one hour.

As a first trial to host the MellaniuM environments on the NORTEL web.alive platform they can proudly announce the accessibility of the "Roth-Holm" virtual residence.

Originally this was created as a method of selling real estate by using web UNREAL portals to allow potential buyers the opportunity to visit the residence virtually from anywhere in the world.