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NextGen Of Immersive Mobile Branding

Via: SlideShare - Branded iPhone Apps - The Next Generation Of Immersive Mobile Branding

Marta Kagan, social media evangelist and online marketing pro, has recently uploaded a useful SlideShare presentation on branded applications for the iPhone. Besides containing most interesting iPhone young user demographics, the presentation contextualizes the re. apps as the next generation of immersive mobile branding.

According to the presentation, iPhone users have higher than average discretionary income and iPhone apps enjoy a higher than average response rate. Put all that together and branded apps may be the killer app of all time.

Known online as the “Bonafide Marketing Genius”, Marta Z. Kagan is a strategic marketing and communications professional with a passion for social media and extensive experience using the Internet to engage consumers and create memorable brands.

Currently Marta is working on ensuring that Viximo (another extremely good-looking Web 2.0 startup based in Cambridge, MA.) dominates the emerging Virtual Goods space.