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Serious Games Online Jam

Via: Serious Games Jam (Beta)

Participate in the Jam and you could win a Nintendo DS! Build up your Karma through valuable participation and be a winner….

The first "Serious Games Online Jam" will be running from 2nd March until 6th March. The more you participate the more you will be in with a chance to win a Nintendo DS! As you participate, you build up ‘Karma’ and the person with the most Karma wins. Winners will be notified by the 13th March 2009.

The "Serious Games Online Jam" aims at providing an online collaborative space for those interested in Serious Games to discuss, debate and vote on four different topics of Serious Games.

These include Government, Energy, Health, and Finance. Participants will have the opportunity to post discussions, contribute to discussions, learn about the current movements and growth areas, and make connections with other participants.

After the Jam Session closes, all participants will receive a summarized analysis of the discussions and will be notified of other Jam sessions throughout 2009 as this will not be a one off.

The Serious Game online Jam will run every quarter and the site will remain active in between times, giving participants the opportunity to make connections and provide some insight into the direction of the Jam sessions.

Why Jam ?

Participants in the Jam shall benefit from:
  • Interacting with thought leaders and experts from around the globe who share their commitment to make valuable contributions to Serious Games
  • Learning about new opportunities, best practices and growth areas for Serious Games
  • Sharing ideas about key issues faced within Serious Games and ways to overcome obstacles
  • Helping shape ideas into actions to create successful and effective Serious Games solutions
It couldn't be simpler to get involved. Register to participate when the Jam begins March 2nd.