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Serious Gaming To Realize Your Big Dream

Via: Moneytopia: The Big Dream

Have fun with Finances!

Moneytopia: The Big Dream is the new online finance game just launched by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

You and your family can have fun while learning to apply fundamental principles of money management and investing.

Seasoned game developers and financial experts made Moneytopia possible to offer you savvy financial guidance as you and fellow players make a lifetime's worth of financial choices.

Game Overview

In this game your goal is to successfully manage your money throughout life, until you finally achieve your Big Dream.

How do you win? Keep careful track of your finances. Pay your bills on time, and take care of all the little day-to-day things that can impact your finances.

Build up your Net Worth until you can afford that Big Dream...

...But you can lose big, too! Spend all your money on things you can’t afford, and you could end up dead broke…and then it’s Game Over.

So follow the advice of Finn and your friends, check out the Case Files and Tools on the computer, and spend your money wisely.

Learning How to Succeed with Finn

Finneus J. Rich, better known as Finn, is Moneytopia’s richest citizen, a fellow whose financial wisdom and business savvy have taken him to the top. Luckily for you, Finn has decided to help Moneytopians like you learn how to manage their money and achieve their Big Dream!

Throughout the game, you interact with your good pal Finn in a number of ways. If he catches you doing something financially smart...or stupid, he may give you some unsolicited advice and direct you to his case files and other helpful resources.

Gameplay: Life in Moneytopia

Your goal in Moneytopia is to learn how to effectively manage your money and your life in both the short-term (monthly bills) and the long-term (retirement, children’s college fund), ultimately achieving your Big Dream.

Life comes at you fast. As you go through the years, you'll be called upon to pay your bills and generally manage your money responsibly.

To win the game, you must have enough net worth to buy your Big Dream within the time frame (1-40 years) that you forecast when you chose your Big Dream in the Dream Machine. If you play the game well, this is where you’ll see your Big Dream come to fruition. If not, can always start a new game.