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Serious Gaming With Pixtoon VR Simulators

Via: Pixtoon - Virtual Reality Technology and Simulators (Coming Soon)

Pixtoon, a Spanish company, has just deployed its first Educational Simulator and feedbacks have been great.

Pixtoon team has a solid background is software development, which can be checked at RandomControl website.

RandomControl is made of people who share a passion for computer graphics, 3d technology, and real-time applications.

In fact, the core of the R&D team is made of engineers with a life-long relationship with the world of coding and visualization.

As a result of this passion and experience, they are the creators of the flagship technologies fryrender and RC5, and the products fryrender and VirtualEditor. Their main directive is to keep pushing fryrender and RC5 further and further, delivering new versions of their products at a constant pace.

Back in 2001 a company called Feversoft was born. For 7 years, Feversoft worked on Virtual Reality projects and the set of tools necessary to build those projects efficiently.

As a result of this activity, two different branches emerged - one devoted to products and technologies R&D and another devoted to the development of custom projects.

In 2008, they've decided to split Feversoft into two different ventures, the products & technologies division of Feversoft spawning into RandomControl, SLU.

With Pixtoon they want to develop educational simulators, expecting to increase their VR engine functionality.