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IBM Service Management Serious Game

The IBM Service Management Virtual Simulator (IBM V Sim) is an immersive learning game where players learn through a variety of hands-on sessions, experiencing issues affecting service management and corporate profitability in a simulated, virtual organization.

With each game session, the participants actively experience how practical process improvements can help operations meet service level agreement (SLA) targets and enhance overall corporate service management and profitability.

Through the virtual simulation experience, the player gains a better understanding of the challenges facing different people in a company from the CEO to technical support, the value of processes and tools, and how various parts of the company positively and negatively impacted the hypothetical company’s performance.

As the Service Improvement Program Director for a global logistics organization, you will have to increase operational maturity in order to drive revenue, increase profits and improve customer satisfaction.

The IBM Service Management Virtual Simulator, available online and free to use for anyone signed up to the IBM Service Management Resource Center, can be found at


IBM and G2G3 introduce Service Management Virtual Simulator

IBM and Edinburgh-based
G2G3, announced last week the availability of the IBM Service Management Virtual Simulator, a new online service management simulation game.

The IBM V Sim is an immersive 3D learning game based in a realistic virtual organization where players learn how service management and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes can be applied to significantly improve business performance and increase operational maturity.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a process-based methodology that delivers a set of IT service management best practices that can help you align your IT with your business requirements, improve service quality, and lower the long-term cost of IT service provision. These best practices are applicable to all IT organizations, no matter what their size or what technology they use. Originally developed by the British government in the late 1980s, today ITIL is the world's most widely accepted approach to IT service management.

The simulator creates a practical understanding of the challenges and issues facing everyone across the virtual organization, from the CEO down to the Help Desk. Players progress through the game, building their knowledge of ITIL and service management, then using these learning outcomes to implement practical process and tool improvements which resolve business pains and drive business success and profitability.

The IBM V Sim is suitable for all levels and is aimed at anyone wishing to enhance their service management and ITIL skills in a realistic and dynamic setting. It is a fast-paced and fun approach to learning what is normally a highly complex and theory-driven subject matter.

Mark Ross Sutherland, CEO at G2G3 said: “G2G3 is both pleased and privileged to have been involved in the creation of such an impressive and innovative addition to the IBM Service Management portfolio. The IBM Service Management Virtual Simulator breaks down the boundaries between business and gaming, creating an exhilarating new experience which delivers real business benefit.”

"IBM views serious gaming as a new and exciting way to develop the skills that are required as business and IT become more closely aligned," said Ken Godfrey, Manager, Strategic eMarketing Capabilities, IBM SWG. "IBM's Service Management Simulator was designed to help business professionals build these critical skills in a real business environment without the risk involved in learning on the job."

About G2G3

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