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Novtilus: Art Assets For Serious Games Development

Via: Novtilus - Art Production For Game Industry

Novtilus Computer Art Co. LTD is a professional 2D/3D Art Assets provider, focused on the video & computer game industry.

Novtilus goal is to help clients to create more intriguing and graphically outstanding games, while keeping costs under control.

Founded in 2005 by five artists, who were enthusiastic about games and the game industry, Novtilus has supported numerous game developers worldwide to deliver successful Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PC titles.

The company is located in the ancient capital of China: Beijing. This location allows them to take advantage of both China vast talent pipeline as well as a most demanding Chinese art education system.

At Novtilus website, we may find a sample of their work mostly developed last year.

According to their value proposition statement: "Delivering proficient art pieces for a specific game project is simply not enough. We have always considered ourselves as part of the client’s development team, keeping strong connections with art directors, people in programming, and other artists."