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Personalized Serious Games For Cognitive Fitness

Two in One -Two rooms with different colored walls are displayed. A colored ball is moving on a collision course with a wall in each room. The task is to match the color of the wall to the color of the ball, working simultaneously on the two rooms.

Via: CogniFit Personal Coach

On my prior posting
Serious Games For Cognitive Fitness, I reported how research findings support CogniFit's belief that if you exercise your brain just as you do your muscles, you can build the speed and accuracy of your mental functions significantly.

CogniFit has recently released its latest online brain fitness product: CogniFit Personal Coach.
CogniFit Personal Coach offers online brain training that is highly personalized: the software automatically adjusts the cognitive skill focus and difficulty of brain exercises to meet the specific needs of the individual.

CogniFit Personal Coach is a most comprehensive and scientifically rigorous brain fitness program; and it is effective because it creates an exercise program that’s unique to you.

It begins with a baseline assessment of your abilities, which is a cognitive assessment of your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Using this information, Personal Coach develops a program of exercises that is designed to provide improvement exactly where you need it, so that your training can become customized to your needs as you progress.

Keeping Track - In this task, the user sees an object moving on a track. For the first three stages the task is to follow the object as accurately as possible (keeping the cursor in the middle of the object), on the next three stages, the task is to follow the object's speed and direction, even in the case of disappearance of the object and track. The objective is to improve speed and accuracy

How it Works

CogniFit Personal Coach begins with a patented 45-minute assessment of 14 key cognitive abilities

Above is an example of a typical chart. The blue bars show the improvement you have achieved to date relative to your Baseline Assessment performance. The green bars show the new goals set for your next cycle of training. The percentages next to the bar are the total expected improvement by the end of the next training cycle relative to your Baseline Assessment performance.

Because everyone is unique, we all have different cognitive profiles, which means that each of us needs to focus on a different set of cognitive skills in order to achieve optimum brain fitness. For example, an artist depends on good hand-eye coordination and spatial perception, while a lawyer needs to develop good short-term memory, working memory and awareness.

Time Estimation - The user will have to select the event that occurred for the longest time period among two (stages 1-4) or three stimuli (stages 5,6), presented one after the other. At the end of each trial the user will have to evaluate the events durations, select the longest among them and state his confidence in his answer

CogniFit Personal Coach has the power to analyze and assess your cognitive skills and then use that information to create a personalized brain fitness program that will deliver measurable improvement after just one 24-session training cycle.

For optimum effectiveness, your training is grouped in cycles of 24 sessions. Every time you complete a cycle of 24 sessions, you will receive a new personalized cognitive assessment that reflects the progress you’ve made.

Pattern Memory - In this task, the user has to remember the route that an object makes and repeat it by clicking on the nodes through which the object passed. After the user clicked on the nodes, the computer shows the original route in a different color, so that the user can see if and where he made mistakes. The length of the route, as well as its complexity (going in diagonal direction, or repeating intersections) will vary during the task

Word Quest - A collection of letters is arranged randomly in a square-shaped grid. Within this letter-filled grid words are hidden. The objective of the game is to find and mark all of the hidden words within the grid. These words can be found in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal position. Some are spelled backwards. The words to search for are given as pictures (all at once, one by one). Number of words in each matrix is 8. Help button: pressing the "hint" button will cause an area of 3x3 letters to light up. The first letter of the next word should be located in that area. In stages where the user is required to look for one word at a time he will only be able to press the letters that are part of that word. If clicking any irrelevant letters – the letter will not get pressed

Here’s How It All Works:
  • First, you take the initial assessment to measure your baseline profile across the 14 key cognitive abilities.
  • Then you go online and complete your first 20-minute training session that has been created for you based on your assessment.
  • For best results and maximum improvement, CogniFit recommends that you train 3 times per week, with at least one day of rest between training sessions.
  • As you progress through a cycle of 24 training sessions, CogniFit Personal Coach creates a customized training regimen that’s based on your previous session.
  • During each training session, your Personal Coach offers feedback and encouragement along the way. The exercises regimen adjusts to reflect your progress and to make sure that you’re training at optimum efficiency.
  • Following each session, a record of your progress is created and saved for your reference.
  • After you have finished a training cycle of 24 sessions, you will receive a complete assessment of the progress you’ve made. This assessment also establishes a new set of personal training goals for your next cycle.