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Serious Games For Home Energy Management

SHASPA Application for Home Energy

Via: Serious Games Institute - Shaspa Shared Spaces Home Energy


SHASPA SHARED SPACES HOME ENERGY will be launched at the Serious Games Institute on Coventry Technology Park. This event will unveil and demonstrate how SHASPA SHARED SPACES will bring the power of Web 3.0 to the challenge of sustainable energy consumption.

The SHASPA SHARED SPACES HOME ENERGY kits provide unprecedented visualization and control of domestic energy usage that is anticipated to significantly reduce energy consumption in both existing and new properties. These kits will include a revolutionary social energy meter and tools and wizards that not only make managing your energy consumption highly engaging and interactive, but will also provide access to your energy usage and devices remotely via mobile phone or the Internet.

In a recent report by the European Commission entitled “Commission pushes ICT usage for a greener Europe” (ref IP/09/393) it is stated :-

“As part of its effort to combat climate change and drive economic recovery, the European Commission today called on Member States and industry to use information and communications technologies (ICT) to improve energy efficiency. These technologies are expected to reduce total carbon emissions in Europe by up to 15% by 2020. ICT can not only improve monitoring and management of energy use in factories, offices and in public spaces but above all help make people more aware of how they use energy. With smart metering in their homes, for example, consumers have been found to reduce their energy consumption by as much as 10%.”

The launch of SHASPA SHARED SPACES HOME ENERGY kits will introduce the next generation of smart metering with integrated Web 3.0 technologies aimed at producing maximum energy savings and significantly reducing carbon footprints.

About Shaspa

SHASPA is a Web 3.0 technology platform and infrastructure that blends emerging technologies such as wireless sensors, social networks, virtual worlds and electronic games to create applications which integrate, visualize, monitor and manage the physical and virtual environment.

SHASPA has been devised by a partnership between Swiss entrepreneur Oliver Goh and the
Serious Games Institute at Coventry University.

Today’s technologies in 3D immersive environments enable us to better visualize and understand the world around us and the SHASPA platform provides creative developers, working on the integration of physical and virtual worlds, new applications which foster better energy management, greater understanding of physical processes and the creation of intelligent shared spaces capable of delivering high value services to individuals working in those spaces.

SHASPA is an intelligent shared space. Intelligent shared spaces are locations (physical or virtual) which deliver a set of highly personalized services to and build / manage relationships between entities (individuals, devices, systems, agents or combinations of these) active in those locations. Intelligent shared spaces act as hubs to social and business networks and support their sustainable development both environmentally and commercially.

The installation means that the home as a physical place will get a virtual counterpart. The virtual home should not be mixed with mirror reality systems, where the virtual space is meant to be an exact copy of the real space.

The aim of the installation is to have a SHASPA powered home that will be:
  • connected with other SHASPA homes (using the OpenSim grid mode - I can pay a virtual visit to my friend’s home)
  • controlled and observed from the virtual world, or from my mobile phone (how much use this is depends on how well the house is sensored)
  • sending a twitter feed on important events. (temperature dropped below recommended minimum, etc)
SHASPA is not limited to home use. The target group contains also enterprises, offices and basically any real estate.

Over the coming months, SHASPA will be recruiting and showcasing developers from across the globe. To be part of the SHASPA initiative, please contact