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Serious Games For Senior Executives

Via: Visual Purple

Following my prior post
Live From GDC: Serious Games Emerging Trends, where I highlight the presentation of Visual Purple’s President, Ed Heinbockel, Visual Purple has now launched the virtual world demo that they partnered with BTS to produce.

You may view the trailer comparison of the CBT (Computer-Based Training) transformation to the virtual world training simulation as well as download the demo at the landing page to Visual Purple’s website (


Visual Purple Launches Virtual World Demo
Winning in Wireless: Virtual World

San Luis Obispo, CA –April 8, 2009 – Visual Purple LLC, a leader in advanced simulations in collaboration with BTS, the world leader in customized business simulations and other discovery-based learning solutions, today announced the launch of Winning in Wireless: Virtual World Demo.

Taken from an existing CBT and translated into a virtual world simulation environment, Winning in Wireless Demo offers the user a demonstration designed to show the value and abilities of using a Virtual World environment to create a complex and in-depth training platform that teaches team members key concepts and increases retention of several distinct Key Learning Objectives.

Instead of being lashed to a virtual desk with the world pushed on your shoulders in a traditional CBT, the Winning in Wireless Demo experience becomes one of freedom and exploration navigating an intelligent landscape of Non-Player Characters (NPCs), your team of senior executives, as you play the role of a freshly-minted CEO with a rapidly approaching board presentation. A presentation requiring planning, research and “what if’s” in order to successfully gin up a bullet-proof go-to-market plan. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about people and decisions.

About BTS

BTS is the world leader in customized business simulations and other discovery learning solutions that enable leading corporations to change, grow and succeed. They partner with clients to develop the mindset and capabilities that their people need to accelerate change and improve business results.

BTS has 300 highly talented professionals serving over 400 clients, including 40 of the US Fortune 100 companies and 25 of the Global Fortune 100 world’s largest corporations. Select BTS clients include AT&T, Ericsson, Kimberly-Clark, Nokia, Sony, Toyota, Unilever and Xerox.

BTS adds value to its clients through three practice areas: Strategic Alignment & Business Acumen, Leadership & Management, and Sales. BTS also has strong capabilities in Operational Excellence & Project Leadership and offers an innovative Engage for Change process.

About Visual Purple

Visual Purple is an industry leader in advanced simulations and technologies throughout the Virtual World, Embedded and Decision-Based training sectors.

The Company’s core technologies allow for the rapid development of training objectives within its simulations through a collection of 3D elements, videos, and other high-fidelity content. Visual Purple training solutions allow for the most complex training missions in a manner that is cost and time efficient for the organization and enjoyable and effective for the trainee.

Training packages are designed to accelerate the ability of corporate and government employees to master complicated material and increase performance in making appropriate work-related decisions.