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Serious Games Break For Michael Jackson Tribute

Michael Jackson - Making-of "We Are the World"

A must-see Michael Jackson's video, amongst thousands available on YouTube, which gives us a taste of his perfecting style, can be found here: a 10-minute video-clip with MJ recording "We Are the World".

NOTE: "We Are the World" is a 1985 song written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, produced and conducted by Quincy Jones and recorded by a supergroup of 45 popular musicians billed as USA for Africa (United Support of Artists for Africa) Solos (in order of appearance) Lionel Richie Stevie Wonder Paul Simon Kenny Rogers James Ingram Tina Turner Billy Joel Michael Jackson Diana Ross Dionne Warwick Willie Nelson Al Jarreau Bruce Springsteen Kenny Loggins Steve Perry Daryl Hall Huey Lewis Cyndi Lauper Kim Carnes Bob Dylan Ray Charles.