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Serious Gaming In Hyper Realistic Environments

Via: MellaniuMMellaniuM’s Furnace Virtual Real World Goes Web.Alive

I had previously blogged about MellaniuM’s 3D Simulations in the Virtual Real World (VRW).

Virtual Real Worlds can be created to provide realistic 3D simulations for education, work, and entertainment. Virtual Real Worlds shall be rich in content and accuracy (texture, ambiance, models, etc.) containing real 3D simulations as an ideal environment for collaboration and fast learning.

The flexibility of the Virtual Real World system stems from the initial design decision to separate style from content; this allows a standard design to be used as the basis for many Virtual Real World scenarios.

Many will remember the fly-through of a furnace that MellaniuM created a couple of years ago.

MellaniuM has now generated a completely interactive furnace environment as a test bed to showcase its hyper realistic environments.

Now, with the addition of avatars and using Nortel’s web.alive, we can truly explore the structure of this most complicated machinery “hands-on”. We can even do things we couldn’t do in real life, like hop into the furnace to see how everything works.

Trying to devise some implications, e.g. for engineers, this could be a breakthrough: assembling one of these things is no easy task, so being able to really work through it in 3D makes their job much easier and clears up a lot of misunderstanding.