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Serious Gaming With AR IDs

Via: Games Alfresco TAT Augmented ID

Augmented ID is a
TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) concept that visualizes the digital identities of people you meet in real life.

With a mobile device and face recognition software from
Polar Rose, Augmented ID enables you to discover selected information about people around you.

All users control their own augmented appearance, by selecting the content and social network links they want to show to others.

From Games Alfresco:

“One of the oldest concepts in the mobile AR community is using augmented reality to match a person with his/her identity. The Swedish software and design company
TAT has just unveiled their own take on this “augmented id” with the aptly named Augmented ID. TAT enables you to check up one’s web identity by looking at him/her through your mobile’s camera.

About The Astonishing Tribe

TAT is a Swedish software technology and design company offering products and services that differentiate and enhance the user experience of portable devices. TAT is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, and has local offices in Korea and USA.

TAT was founded on a passion for developing digital visual experiences through the combination of aesthetics and technology. This passion emerged from years of experimenting with computer graphics on restrained platforms. The six founders successfully competed as a team on the Nordic demo scene in the 90s, where the challenge was to create beautiful and advanced visual experiences in limited time on a limited hardware platform.

The mobile phone user interface is where communication between the user and the handset takes place - where the relationship is created.

Hardware limitations often cause phone manufacturers to compromise on the visual representation of graphical user interfaces, hindering them from fully expressing their brand values and usability.

With extensive knowledge in design, graphical programming in limited technical environments and using TAT Cascades, (TAT's software technology platform for user interfaces), TAT assists handset manufacturers in developing new graphical user interfaces.

TAT has added the WOW effect to mobile user interfaces for more than 250 million devices worldwide. TAT works with 4 of the 6 leading OEMs in the mobile device space today. Publicly announced clients include SonyEricsson, Motorola, S60, Samsung, Vodafone and Orange. TAT has an extensive network of partners covering the whole value chain in the mobile device market.