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(Serious) Game Studies Network

Via: Game Studies Network - GSN Launch

Over the last year the University of Wyoming Video Game Lab has been working to develop a means of continuing dialog in the field of new media. As they spent countless hours developing the physical lab space for local students, they also became aware of the need for a more global discourse within their field and began working on the Game Studies Network.

According to their Blog, after many months of development the GSN is now fully operational and ready for user input. It is their hope to establish a community of not only academics, but developers, students, and enthusiasts so that they can expand on the topic of new media, interactive media, and games as a teaching and learning technology.

The GSN was developed with WordPressMU in order to offer each subscriber a powerful web publishing software. If you’re a seasoned web developer, or if you’ve never published online before, the GSN’s intuitive software will help you be heard, work with others, and contribute to the discussion.

About GSN

The GSN was built by the members of the University of Wyoming Game Lab, a research facility for the creation and study of video games.
Their goal is to provide powerful publishing, collaboration, and networking tools to students, professors, researchers, developers, and anyone else interested in the growing field of Game Studies.

Registration is open to the public, and new features are being added daily.
Currently an account at GSN gives you a completely accessible WordPress blog / site, access to a community based networking site, and public / private forums for each user or group.

Their aspiration is to provide a better place for dialog and collaborative work, building a comprehensive and lively resource for game studies.