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Serious Games, Sharp Brains

Via: Serious Games Source - Study: Tetris Increased Gray Matter In Test Subjects' Brains

And: SharpBrains - The SharpBrains Guide Book

Serious Games Source reported yesterday that playing the classic puzzler Tetris increased gray matter in the brains of test subjects due to the game's complex cognitive requirements, according to researchers from Mind Research Network.

Albuquerque, N.M.-based Mind Research Network said over the course of three months it tracked adolescent girls who practiced playing Tetris. Compared to control subjects, these girls exhibited greater brain efficiency and a thicker cortex, as evidenced by brain scans.

Tetris study co-investigators explain that they did the Tetris study to see if mental practice increased cortical thickness, a sign of more gray matter. If it did, it could be an explanation for why previous studies have shown that mental practice increases brain efficiency. More gray matter in an area could mean that the area would not need to work as hard during Tetris play.

Areas of the brain that showed thicker cortex were sections believed to play a role in "planning of complex, coordinated movements," researchers said, and areas responsible for "coordination of visual, tactile, auditory, and internal physiological information."

Other parts of the brain, which are associated with "critical thinking, reasoning, and language and processing," also showed greater efficiency after practicing Tetris.

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