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Serious Games For Architecturally Accurate Environments

Via: MellaniuM - Titanic Leap For Virtual Worlds - MellaniuM Infohub on NORTEL's web.alive

NORTEL's web.alive is now hosting a MellaniuM environment which not only contains models with well over one million polygons but also supports anti-aliasing for superbly rendered immersive quality and can accommodate 300 concurrent avatars.

With just one click on you can be walking around this trial domed environment.

There have been innumerable announcements about virtual worlds to support the meshes import, which allows for development of truly realistic and architecturally accurate environments.

NORTEL's web.alive is a web-browser embedded client which is based on the UNREAL 2.5 platform and is capable of dealing with models generated with static meshes in millions of polygons. So the ultimate question to be addressed now is not whether a virtual world platform can import meshes but if it is capable of dealing with large numbers of high polygon models needed to create a rich, detailed space.

The MellaniuM Infohub environment now available contains almost 2 million polygons and the Titanic model (especially when viewed with the anti-aliasing feature) can be examined by zooming using the mouse wheel in the finest of details.

As you may well imagine in a not-so-distant future MellaniuM is poised to add more domes containing various areas of interest to architects, engineers and museum curators with models of a most detailed nature.