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You may want to update your bookmarks! FUTURE-MAKING SERIOUS GAMES has moved to SERIOUS GAME MARKET ,  where all new posts reside.  PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW HOME !!! Serious Games are now successfully being developed and deployed all over the world and for a variety of applications. Corporate and Academic organizations are finding Serious Games invaluable as learning content, while NGOs and Marketing organizations find that their message is conveyed in a more productive and enjoyable way. As developers seek to find ways to make the market work for them, which implies new ways of doing business, raising capital, distributing and selling product, shaping Serious Games from an emerging into a multi-billion dollar market, the SERIOUS GAME MARKET blog will be digging up the best of Serious Game promising market.
Recent posts

My New Blog "Serious Games Experts"

Cross-posting from the Serious Games Experts Blog -  I have been monitoring the Serious Games space since 2006, witnessing organizations introduce Serious Games & Simulations to make their company's value proposition more compelling and understanding how games are utilized for education and contextual learning. Serious Games are now successfully being developed and deployed all over the world and for a variety of applications. I have created this   new Blog   to honor Serious Games Experts worldwide -   Researchers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Advocates & Adopters -  and celebrate their breakthroughs. Have a playful reading!  Warmly, E.

Serious Games @ Calculation Nation

Via: Mark Oehlert RT @ iThinkMedia : Trust Me: Math Can Be Fun With Calculation Nation!  Calculation Nation is a free, easy to use, mathematics game site, offering Serious Games for most K-12 students. Calculation Nation offers students the opportunity to practice their mathematics skills individually or in a head-to-head format playing against other students. For parents and teachers, Calculation Nation offers suggestions for using Calculation Nation. Calculation Nation™ uses the power of the Web to let students challenge opponents from anywhere in the world. At the same time, students are able to challenge themselves by investigating significant mathematical content and practicing fundamental skills. The element of competition adds an extra layer of excitement. The National Council of Teacher’s of Mathematics (NCTM) hired Interactive Knowledge (IK) to design a system for middle school students to play math-related onlin e games against live opponents. The site features

Serious Games Presentation @ Barcamp Derry

Via: Burkey’s Blog - Slides from Barcamp Derry -  The History of (A) Video Games and [B] Serious Games  A Barcamp is an informal, free, and participatory conference style event where the content is provided by the participants. They take place all over the world (including some great recent events in Belfast and Dublin) and are open to anyone who’d like to come along.  Not only is Barcamp a great chance to learn and discuss ideas in an informal environment but it’s also a great social event. Held on October 10th 2009, at the University of Ulster, Magee, Barcamp Derry was an informal, one-day event for anyone interested in the web, technology or digital media. James Burke was one of the speakers with the presentation Video Games - More Than Just Violence, Gore, Murder, Carjacking and World of Warcraft.  His talk aimed to show that Serious Games research is constantly providing  positive results in relation to games being used to teach, train, educate and rehabilitate.  J

Serious Games New Book By Nicola Whitton

Via: Play Think Learn and Educational Games Research   Nicola Whitton is a Research Fellow at the Education and Social Research Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University . She is interested in the potential of using online games for learning, teaching and assessment - particularly in Higher Education but also in the context of all sorts of adult learners. She has recently completed a PhD in the potential of collaborative computer games for learning in Higher Education at Napier University in Edinburgh. Her recent background has been in computing, human-computer interaction and e-learning and she has worked in various research, development and teaching roles at Napier University, Heriot-Watt University, MultiVerse (RIP) and Manchester Metropolitan University. Learning with Digital Games is Nicola Whitton's first book and is based on practical lessons learned from the research carried out during her PhD.  It is designed as an introduction to the use of game-based

Serious Games As Immersive Internet

Immersive Internet Overview PPT Presentation Excerpts Immersive Internet is a collection of emerging technologies - Virtual Worlds and Campuses, immersive learning simulations, Serious Games, 3 D business applications - combined with a Social Culture of IMs, twitter, and blogs that deeply engage the user, providing experiences that people feel are real. The expected results would be new dimensions in engagement that would lead to increased workforce collaboration and stakeholders, retention. Immersive Internet is a nascent technology – projected to be mainstream in 5 years. Major Drivers (according to the presentation): - Kids playing multiplayer videogames and engaging in social networking – are tomorrow’s business leaders, partners, employees, decision makers . They will expect this technology. - Pressure on corporate costs require different ways of doing business – travel expense hit hard. Companies are becoming Carbon Aware! - Large technology companies are

Accenture's Serious Games

Via: Accenture - Interactive Wall Technology: Seeing the Big Picture  Accenture’s Interactive Wall is a scalable in size, networked, high resolution, touch screen interface. It gives users the "big picture," whether in a strategic decision-making context or a retail and advertising environment. S trategic Decision Interface The Interactive Wall has a role to play in strategic decision-making, as a command or nerve center for controlling operations. The "big picture" view draws decision-makers together, whether in relaxed debate around the screen in an office or tuning in through wireless connections via locations in the far corners of the globe. The Interactive Wall fosters collaborative practices, allowing data to be manipulated and quickly assimilated by broad groups of people in diverse locations. By mimicking the Web in its ability to track usage patterns and user preferences, the Interactive Wall offers personalized, targeted, information whi