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Serious Games - Asking Children to Design a Game

Immersive Education believes that asking children to design a game provides a meaningful and engaging educational challenge and that playing well-constructed games encourages students to become active and reflective learners.

The MissionMaker prototype trials begin!

45 educational sites are participating in the evaluation of Immersive Education’s new MissionMaker platform - a 3D games authoring tool.

Prototype Project

IE is providing these 45 centers with the opportunity to work with some of the latest games-based technology so that IE can learn from their experiences of how this software can contribute towards effective learning across a range of curriculum areas.

IE is particularly interested in the development of cognitive skills and how the process of games making might be captured and subsequently assessed.

The 45 centers include a wide cross-section of Primary schools, Secondary schools, Further Education, Higher Education institutions, City Learning Centers and Charitable Organisations.

Background to MissionMaker

The research leading to the development of MissionMaker was undertaken by London Knowledgelab at the University of London’s Institute of Education. The work, which is still ongoing, has been carried out by a team led by Professor David Buckingham, a renowned expert in Media Education.

The prototype project represents the ‘next stage’ in MissionMaker’s development.