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Virtual Heroes: Serious Games and Simulations

Virtual Heroes Inc. (VHI), the “Advanced Learning Technology Company”, creates collaborative interactive learning solutions for Federal Systems, Healthcare and Corporate Training markets. Advanced Learning Technologies (ALT) leverage simulation learning and digital games based learning paradigms to accelerate learning, increase proficiency and reduce training costs. Additional technologies that comprise ALT include intelligent tutoring systems, artificial intelligence, biometrics, haptics, optics, learning management systems, natural language processing, streaming multimedia technologies, reusable learning objects and standards for learning objects and authoring systems.

Virtual Heroes - Astronaut Moon Mars & Beyond

Astronaut MMB is a prototype created by Virtual Heroes Inc. for consideration by NASA. The purpose of the prototype is to give NASA the means to communicate the exploration vision to the American people and Congress, inspire our underserved youth to pursue NASA careers; as well as foster industry, academic and federal agency partnerships.

In the prototype, gamers learn about the science of space exploration while discovering what it means to function as a scientific exploration team.

Astronaut Moon Mars & Beyond shall be launched in the fall of 2007.