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Future-Making Serious Games' Original Value Proposition

FUTURE-MAKING SERIOUS GAMES is undergoing a major restructuring that shall go live in few weeks.

The core of this change is two-fold:

1) Site architecture to reflect FUTURE-MAKING SERIOUS GAMES' original value proposition of becoming a portal on the topic.

Serious Games Portal  will work as a front-end to my existing Serious Games categories located at 

2) Web design to be aligned with the same proposition.

As stated on Serious Coaching For Future-Making Serious Games post, I would like to reiterate my gratitude to my very first coaches:

"I think it is very valuable for all of us to have somebody finally starting to create an overview of what is going on..."

" I can only encourage Eliane to pursue this path and try to take on a leadership role in the exploration of this field. Her blog has the potential to become a portal on the topic."


Via WorldChanging by Alex Steffen

"A while back, I wrote an essay, Future-making, in which I discussed the importance of using new tools to help people visualize better futures, and gave a brief overview of which tools seemed particularly exciting to me. "Serious Games", of course, were high on the list." 

"Now Eliane Alhadeff has launched a whole blog on serious games, Future-making Serious Games. It's a new blog, but there's already a bunch of good stuff up there."

As a portal to "The Best Of", all the credits to the original articles --posts, PDFs, news, photos, other -- are and will continue to be published and linked back up-front.

Serious Games Portal -- Please, check it out in a few weeks and have fun!