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My Serious Games Journey: Joining Sloodle

"Dear All,

I'm really glad to join Sloodle as part of my "Serious Games" journey!

I'm ALHADEFF Haller in my Second Life and Eliane Alhadeff in First Life, although I have a feeling that from now on the use of the former could be more intensive than the latter.

Although I have been blogging on
Future-Making Serious Games for almost a year now, with 50% of my posting dedicated to educational games, I'm still a Second Life "baby", which also means a Sloodle one.

And this is great, because learning new things in the Metaverse is all about fun!


Sloodle is a project to integrate the VLE platform Moodle with 3D immersive settings such as Second Life. Imagine a Moodle course that, if you wanted, could turn into a proper 3D interactive classroom with all your Moodle resources available to your students in the virtual world.

A growing community is using to work toward making this happen. As is the ethos of Moodle, the code will be open source and so we encourage all users, no matter how IT-savvy to get involved and make this a reality. Its benefits to the global education community could be huge.