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Serious Games Event On The Infinite Mind Stage: Follow-Up

Via: Global Kids - Live discussion featuring Mia Farow from the Main Grid

As anticipated on my recent post Serious Games Event At The Infinite Mind Virtual Broadcast Center, on Tuesday, January 9, 2007, Mia Farrow, actress and longtime UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, spoke to a group of adults on the Infinite Mind Space stage in the main grid in Second Life, while simultaneously streaming live audio into the teen grid on Global Kids Island.

Teens from all over the world listened in to the issue at hand, and asked questions across the grids. For one hour, teens paid close attention to the audio presentation, learned for the first time on the genocide crisis in Darfur, and left the presentation with a strong desire to learn more and take action.
Below are snapshots taken by the participants. Thanks to Bill Lichtenstein, President of Lichtenstein Creative Media, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum for making this event possible. 

Event on the teen grid on Global Kids Event Stage