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Apply Serious Games Conference 2007

Via: The Second Annual Apply Serious Games Conference, 2007 - London

Apply Serious Games is now in its second year, following on from the success of ASG 2006 that had around 100 attending, representing the serious games community from across Europe.

What's On & When

28th June - The second year of Apply Serious Games, the conference dedicated to serious games, extending brands, web 2.0 connectivity & virtual worlds. Keynote from Cisco Systems Inc.

28th June - The inaugural Apply AI Innovation Conference, dedicated to Artificial Intelligence in entertainment, media and serious games. Keynote from Peter Molyneux, Lionhead Studios.
The event will be held at RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), 66 Portland Place - London.


Enterprising Games Week in London, UK comprises a number of conferences and masterclasses scheduled in central London over 27 - 28th June, dedicated to the use of games in areas other than the traditional games industry and providing an insight into the creative and business innovations arising from games, web 2.0 and virtual worlds techniques and AI technologies and their applicability across the digital content landscape: brands, learning and planning.

These events focus on 'innovation in action' in areas that transcend the usual digital media landscape. Network with your innovative colleagues and the leading practitioners and visionaries from across the world for some ground-breaking sessions that will stop you in your tracks, make you think, amaze and inform you. You'll be able to put much of what you learn into practice - strategically, creatively and practically.

Each of the conferences on 28th June focuses on specific subject matter and you can attend as many sessions as you want across both on the same day - just like a normal 2-track 1-day conference. 0r if you are a specialist in any one of the areas of focus just sign-up for that one conference. Then add in the masterclasses on the 27th and you must agree that you can pack in more useful sessions than most conferences provide to ensure your time is spent more productively.