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Upcomig Serious Games Events "Check-In"

The 3rd Annual SLCC will be held from August 24 - 26 and located in Chicago at the Hilton hotel. The convention has grown in size expecting upwards of 1000 attendees.

This year the SLCC will be using a multi-track format to maximize on content and interaction. The four tracks are Education, Machinima, Business/Future of the Metaverse and Social/Entertainment. There will, of course, be overlapping topics from track to track, and a large, central ballroom for people who just want to mingle, meet friends, and perhaps catch SL musicians strumming away on their acoustics.

In order to provide attendees with some information before the SLCC schedule is posted, SLCC Official Website is posting a series of sneak previews highlighting some of the panel discussions you can attend and participate in over the course of the weekend.

The Austin Game Developers Conference will take place September 5 - 7 at the Austin Convention Center, Texas.

This year's conference focuses on tracks dedicated to online games, audio for games, writing for games, and an all-new people's choice.

The goal of the Austin Game Developers Conference is to inspire game industry folks to create better games. It's a simple equation: game developers, game publishers, filmmakers, musicians, and educational institutions amplified by the independent spirit of Austin, TX equals one truly creative hotbed.

The third annual Serious Games Sessions Europe will be held December 3rd at the Palais des Congrès of Lyon.

LyonGame and the Agence Rhône-Alpes Numérique have announced their advisory committee: this year's advisors include Ben Sawyer, CEO of Digitalmill (US), Simon Egenfeld-Nielsen, CEO of Serious Games Interactive (Scandinavia), Kevin Corti, CEO of PixeLearning (UK), and Steffen Waltz, CEO of PLAYBE (Switzerland).

The inaugural Virtual Worlds Forum Europe 2007 will be held from October 23 - 26 at the Canvas buildings in the Kings Cross Freight Depot, London.

This two day conference and exhibition covers both public and private virtual worlds. The conversation will range from how brands can engage with consumers in virtual worlds and on the 3D web for commercial and brand advantage, to harnessing the power of corporate collaboration and private virtual worlds.