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InterWrite Video Contest Recognizes Use Of Technology In The Classroom

Serious Games changing how the world learns

Following my previous post Interwrite Learning: Serious Games Customize Interactive Classroom, it was brought to my attention that Interwrite Learning, in partnership with TeacherTube, had announced the company’s first video contest to recognize teachers and students for their use of technology in the classroom.

Participants of the contest are asked to create a short music video parodying the song of their choice. The video should demonstrate how different kinds of technology are being used in the classroom.

The contest is going to be a great way to get students and teachers working together to achieve a common goal in the beginning of the new school year.
Three winners will receive an Interwrite MakeoverTM and prizes valued at more than $15,000!

The contest is not limited to users of Interwrite Learning’s products or members of TeacherTube. It is open to all teachers and students in the U.S. , New Zealand and Australia (still up for discussion) who can creatively show how they are using technology in the classroom or how they would like to use technology in their classroom.

All participants will submit their videos on the Interwrite Learning Web site. Submissions will close at 11:59 EDT on October 21, 2007 and winners of the Interwrite Makeover will be announced on Tuesday, November 27, 2007.