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Serious Gaming In A Voyage Inside Virtual Worlds

Following my recent post Serious Games As 3D Workspaces, addressing how I-Maginer helps to lower logistical constraints by providing an alternative to conference calls and live meeting with 3D workspaces, I-MAGINER and Enjeux-Les-Echos, the French business magazine that monthly analyses the major economic, financial, social and cultural trends, are inviting us for a journey inside virtual worlds.

Together they have created a special Web 3D version dedicated to the silent revolution of the digital world.

In this Enjeux-Les-Echos special issue, going virtual in the form of a spacious 3D loft, you will be able to meet the different experts interviewed in the paper version (represented by their avatars), including Edward Castranova (Indiana University), Christian Renaud (Cisco), Susan Grant (CNN), Scott Randall (Brandgames), Philip Rosedale (Linden lab) and Ralph Koster (Sony Entertainment), discuss with them by chat or VoIP about virtual worlds, share your experiences, comments and suggestions.

The issue will be available in printed version on November 21st and on Web 3D.

About I-Maginer

I-Maginer is a company that develops Web 3D solutions for e-commerce, collaborative work and social networks.

These solutions all use the same 3D real-time, multi-user Web technology: the SCOL language. This technology is based on the concept of real-time communication: people are inter-connected, can see each other, communicate and move around, thus forming a virtual community.