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ForgeFX: Serious Games To Practice Aircraft Deicing Events

Via: ForgeFX Showcase - Global Ground Support Airplane Deicing Simulator 

Case Study

Following my previous post ForgeFX: Serious Games In Real-Time 3D Environments, ForgeFX have put up a case study of another project they've just finished: the Global Ground Support airplane deicing simulator.

Developed for airport ground support equipment operators, this simulator allows them to train for deicing events year-round. They are able to become skilled with the equipment controls without having to use expensive real-world materials and risk damage to expensive aircraft.

A number of screen shots are available below.

The Global Ground Support Deicing Simulator is a 3D computer-based training simulation system that provides an operator with the ability to practice and take a “performance test” while performing a virtual aircraft deicing event in a 3D environment.

The software simulates Global Ground Support for 2200TEAP deicer. The software coupled with the hardware, which includes joysticks, pedals, and a wide screen display, give the user a first person perspective from the viewpoint of an operator sitting within the cab of the real-world deicer.

The simulation tracks the performance of users and records their scores for review by the instructor. Users are scored on their performance in regards to the factors of a deicing event, including amount of contaminant removed, time taken, gallons of fluid used, no-spray area violations, and aircraft collisions. This scoring system allows operators to compete against each other and have fun while learning the correct procedures.

The operator of the simulation has full control over the 2200TEAP’s boom arm, cab rotation, truck location, nozzle settings, cab lights, type of plane, time of day, and environmental controls.

This gives Global Ground Support the ability to train all of their operators on the functionality of the real-world deicer without incurring the associated costs or having to wait for a storm.