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Serious Games Connect Royal Netherlands Navy With NextGen Recruits

Via: Incredible Sims - Royal Netherlands Navy 3D Simulator


Incredible Sims has been selected to develop a PC game for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Wishing to connect with the next generation of potential naval recruits, the Royal Netherlands Navy challenged the Incredible Sims to provide the solution. Incredible Sims will use their cutting edge toolkit and draw on their experience of game design and creating realistic 3D worlds to connect with the target audience.

An advanced simulation will use video game techniques to enable the general public to experience life aboard an operational warship. Incredible Sims will recreate most of the frigate De Ruyter in a 3D game world, allowing the user to interact with the crew and complete a series of wide-ranging missions.

Challenges include target practice with 50mm side guns, landing a helicopter on deck and venting smoke after an engine room fire. With the ability to interact with crew members all over the ship, the user will have unparalleled access to the De Ruyter

Dan Clapson from Incredible Box commented, “This game will be both challenging and fun for the user whilst giving them a real feel for life on board ship. Incredible Sims has a heritage for building pioneering software and we are delighted to be working with the Royal Netherlands Navy on such a prestigious project.”

The RNLN commented, “This application gives a view of the working and living quarters of a navy frigate and it provides a fun environment where you can learn all about the different jobs on a navy vessel. It will give potential seafarers the opportunity to experience “real” life on board a frigate and ensures they will be better informed when they apply for a job in the navy.

We chose Incredible Sims after seeing a demonstration of
SubSafe (an advanced 3D simulation of a Royal Navy Trafalgar class submarine). With SubSafe they showed they can approach reality in a virtual environment while making it fun and interactive too.”

About Incredible Box and Incredible Sims

The Incredible Expanding Box™ was born from a simple idea, to build a media powerhouse that would realize and manage ideas into the marketplace. Established in 2006 by Dan Clapson, and located in the old dairy on Shearstock Farm, in rural North Dorset (a two-hour train journey to London), Incredible Box™ is the customer facing brand name of The Incredible Expanding Box™.

Incredible Box™ is working with
Incredible Sims™ to develop Serious Games solutions. They use the Incredible Sims Toolkit™ to cost-effectively train staff. This toolkit allows to realistically simulate real-life environments, processes and work-flow.

Their Serious Games solutions range from simple “treasure hunt” scenarios, where the user is encouraged to discover the location of equipment, right through to task based games where the user learns important processes.

About Royal Netherlands Navy

The Royal Netherlands Navy contributes in guaranteeing the freedom of the seas and works on a daily basis to guard peace and security in the Netherlands and abroad. It defends national interests and contributes to the worldwide expeditionary capability of the Netherlands’ Armed Forces. The sea provides the Navy with the means to get close to a crisis or disaster zone at any time or place, without infringing the territorial integrity of other countries and without the need for a land base.

All Navy personnel have the ability to respond flexibly and can be deployed quickly in any situation, thanks to their sound education, intensive training and modern equipment. To ensure the Royal Netherlands Navy can perform its duties, every year about 1400 new recruits are required. The Royal Netherlands Navy Recruitment Office is responsible for recruitment.