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Recall: Whosegame Contest On Serious Games

Via: Whosegame - 1st International Whosegame contest on Serious Games 

Online Flash game portal Whosegame is running its 1st international "Serious Games" competition: a challenge for all who want to try their hand at devising and creating Serious Games

The Serious Games competition is open to students and individual participants from all countries, and runs from December 8th 2008 to March 31st 2009.

Rules Of Engagement
  • Contestants are invited to create as many Serious Games as desired, provided that all entries address one of the following three topics: 
       - Improving one's knowledge of telecommunications
       - Being an eco-citizen with the help of telecommunication technologies
       - Acting against isolation and exclusion thanks to telecommunication 
  • Register to the competition on the website
  • Upload your thematic Serious Game in Flash format before midnight on March 31st 2009
All the "Serious Games" will be put online as from April 1st 2009 on Until April 15th 2009, Internet users will get a chance to vote for their favorite Serious Game in each category.

At the same time, the Whosegame jury will be selecting the 3 best Serious Games.

What can you win?

- Cash prizes of €5,000, €2,500, and €1,000 will be awarded to first, second, and third place winners in a cross-category competition, as determined by a Whosegame jury selection. Three additional prizes of €500 will be available within each topic, with winners decided by a vote among Whosegame community members.
- Visibility for your creation
- Becoming a member of Whosegame creators' community

About Whosegame

Whosegame is about having fun, sharing ideas and knowledge with others.

Whosegame brings you the place, the tools, and the community to make your projects go online and find their audience.

Above all, Whosegame is about games and fun. Are you more of a Creator or a Gamer? Both perhaps. Maybe your focus is graphics or maybe you fancy level design. Whosegame makes it possible for you to team up with others to let you focus on the part you prefer.