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Serious Games For Standards Training

Via: DISTIL InteractiveChanging The Face Of Standards Training

DISTIL Interactive creates intuitive and interactive practice environments for standards training that allow individuals to demonstrate not just knowledge, but skills too.

DISTIL accomplishes this through a unique, game-like user experience, created using simple animation and content written by subject matter experts.

As users move through the virtual environment, they interact with the content and use their intuition combined with skills and knowledge to respond to situations.

Using pedagogical principles, DISTIL's virtual environments help users learn standards in an engaging way.

DISTIL solutions are currently being used by organizations that offer personnel certification and training to anyone - from auditors to tradespeople, from lab technicians to security staff.

DISTIL technology is composed of three parts:

THE GAME CLIENT: a game-like experience delivered over the Internet allows users to learn and be assessed as they move intuitively through an industry-relevant environment created with a subject matter expert. The game client is easy to use by anyone with an Internet connection and Adobe Flash 8 or higher. It provides flexible delivery, easy accessibility, and a simple and enjoyable user experience.

THE PLATFORM: DISTIL's authoring tool allows subject matter experts to write their own game content. Working with our Studio team, they can turn their expertise into a game-like practice environment. By working with DISTIL, training providers can fully leverage their in-house skills and our experience in creating virtual learning environments to make training products that are effective and engaging.

THE ASSESSMENT TOOL: Unique assessment technology being developed by DISTIL's team will allow assessors to compare users' behavior to that of known experts in the field. It will also allow them to evaluate the user's competency based on their decisions in the practice environment. This way, we can provide learners with meaningful feedback, while allowing companies to calibrate and benchmark the skills of their workforce. Assessment goes beyond simple evaluation of progress - for example, it can tell users whether they tend to ask leading questions that experts avoid, or if they can use another technique to help them reach their goals.

The DISTIL training experience is accessible to all ages. The high degree of accessibility allows older and younger users (experienced gamers and non-gamers alike) to play and find equal value in the experience.

LMS integration is available with all DISTIL-created games, which comply with all SCORM-compliant systems.

DISTIL’s Business Model

DISTIL’s business model makes creating products simple and affordable, and allows authors to focus on their expertise.

DISTIL creates Games-Based Learning that training and certification bodies can use to create engaging, next-generation e-learning content.

These interactive virtual environments, which are delivered over the Internet, allow users to learn and demonstrate skill.

DISTIL’s business model solves the three major obstacles HR and training departments face when they adopt "Serious Games":

  • Inexperience in game creation,
  • Limited finances, and
  • Challenges integrating games-based learning into existing courses.

1. Response Ready - Emergency Procedure Simulation

Response Ready is a virtual training solution based on the Canadian Standards Association's (CSA) Z731-03 standard. It tests and develops users' ability to identify hazards and assess risk. Response Ready can help you affordably train staff so that you can refine your emergency plan to prime your organization for successful full-scale simulations.

2. Business in Balance - Introduction to ISO 14001

Business in Balance is a virtual training solution based on the ISO 14001:2004 standard for Environmental Management Systems. It will help you fulfill the awareness component of your training program while immersing employees in a fictional environment that they can practice in without consequence.

3. Quality at Work: Implementing ISO 9001

Quality at Work is a Quality Management System training product based on the ISO 9001 standard. In the awareness-level product suitable for all employees, end users explore a software business, an insurance company, and a furniture manufacturer and meet characters who are struggling to understand and implement a Quality Management System. As end users make choices for characters from all levels and functions within the company, they learn what ISO 9001 standards mean and how their actions affect whether the business passes or fails an audit.

4. Safety at Work: Implementing an OHS Management System

Safety at Work: Implementing an OHS Management System is an Occupational Health and Safety System (OHS) training product

5. Management System Auditing Skills

Acting as an auditor you will tour a fictional company and audit their management system through the use of observation and interviews.

About DISTIL Interactive

DISTIL Interactive Ltd., a venture-backed Ottawa-based company, has developed a new media platform utilizing "video games" technology as a business communication medium.

Today the DISTIL platform is revolutionizing the way professionals are trained and certified through application of its Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL) or Serious Games environment.

Users benefit from the intuitive and interactive experience provided by DISTIL products that accelerates learning through experience. Training providers benefit from the enhanced knowledge transfer and learning time compression offered by DGBL and the specialized DISTIL tools set which makes developing DGBL programs assessable and cost-effective to develop.

DISTIL also manages distribution and re-sale of DGBL programs co-developed with its training partners.