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QuestG: Serious Games Beyond Budget Cuts

Via: QuestG, Inc.

On my prior posting
Economic Turmoil and Serious Games, I had already surfaced the potential upsides of generalized "contingent budgets":
a) During a slowdown, it is even more important for companies to continue innovating in their respective markets.
b) In the wake of the economic uncertainties, demonstrating value has become a necessity, which would eventually translate into more robust propositions for Serious Games adoption mid term.

QuestG, Next Generation Consulting, Serious Games and Interactive Simulation Tools, states something quite similar on the company's website:

“The recession is here. Layoffs abound. Budgets will be cut. It is the opportunity to rethink your approaches to learning. Budget cuts are undoubtedly difficult, but they also present that odd challenging opportunity to step back and re-allocate, from fresh perspectives on the meaning of learning and its role in business performance.”

“The time is ripe. The workforce challenges of shortage, next generation, and globalization "simply" add more flavor and complexity.”

QuestG, Inc. provides 3D video-game based workforce development and adult learner products and services to improve corporate business and personal performance.

QuestG offers disruptive technology solutions built with business performance objectives and believes that, having revolutionized entertainment, video games are now about to upend corporate learning.

Current QuestG work includes several immersive game projects supporting sales, performance evaluation, process skill and acculturation. Working with business partners, they help define the business performance challenge and create the workforce development objectives; then apply their pedagogic, gameplay, and business expertise to the right game technology.

QuestG Video Game Business Solutions include:

  • Sales and Customer Relationship Skills, to increase sales and customer satisfaction through role-play of customer interactions.
  • Critical Business Conversation Skills, to gain better results from one-on-one discussions, meetings and conferences.
  • Fact-Based Knowledge, which they consider a giant leap forward in product and boring compliance training.

QuestG Article in CLO (Chief Learning Officer) Magazine,
Video Game Nation: The Rise of Gaming and Its Impact on Learning, most certainly deserves reading.

Here are some excerpts:

“Today, the video game generation has fully entered the workforce, but only few corporations have embraced games. “They have been reluctant to take even baby steps into this new world of learning tools.”

“Despite their considerable promise, misconceptions about the cost and complexity of implementation, along with knee-jerk resistance to innovation, have impeded their adoption. Yet, the cost and complexity of video game development have reduced dramatically in just a few years.”

The article also presents the Top 10 Learnings derived from playing purely entertainment video games:

45% Critical Thinking, Strategy, Complex Problem Solving
26% Role Playing in Story/World, Learning to Observe Surroundings
24% Relieve (or Create) Stress
23% Coordination, Reflex Improvement
20% Emotional training, patience, positive attitude, perseverance
19% Collaboration, teamwork, working with diversity, leadership
18% Cognitive training keeps you on your feet, sharp
18% Content skills
18% Creative-thinking, imagination, outside-the-box
9% Basic skills, time management, attention to details

The QuestG Team

Jay Wagman, CEO and Co-Founder (Los Angeles)Algis Leveckis, President and Co-Founder (San Francisco)Fran├žois Gauchenot, Managing Director, QuestG Europe (Geneva)Tony DiRomualdo, Managing Director, Next Generation Learning Program (Boston)
Karen Moody, Director, Sales and Marketing (San Francisco)Kristina Elliot, Associate (Stockholm)

QuestG Board of Advisors

Dr. Lynda Gratton, London Business School, Author of Hot Spots and The Democratic Enterprise Dr. James Paul Gee, Arizona State University, Author of What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy Dr. Roland Deiser, Danube University Founder and Chairman of the European Corporate Learning Forum, Senior Fellow Center for the Digital Future, USC Annenberg ,Former Dean of the Daimler Chrysler Corporate University Mark Friedler, Publisher and Founder,