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Serious Games Showing The Potential Of AR Interactions

Playing in an Augmented World

Via: YDreams - Playing in an Augmented World

Following my previous posts YDreams: Serious Games For An Interactive Future and Serious Games As Augmented Playgrounds, there is a light-hearted demo-mix they did to show people the potential of augmented reality interactions. A demo-mix of YDreamers interacting in real-time with virtual elements in a real physical setting. Music by

YDreams is a Portuguese technology solutions provider founded in June 2000 by internationally renowned specialists in information technology, telecommunications, image processing, geographic information systems and environmental engineering.

The company develops pioneering, patent-pending technology in a variety of fields, namely spatial data mining, interactive media, augmented reality and pervasive gaming.

YDreams develops products, customized solutions and services for four major markets, through independent divisions: Advertising, Entertainment, Education and Culture and Environment.

YDreams' products have drawn broad attention in Portugal and abroad with a simple premise: persistently break new ground in the use of interaction to seamlessly mix virtual and real environments – boosting customer experience, product perception and brand value.