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2 Serious Games For Diabetes Education

Via: RANJ Serious GamesGRIP: Diabetes Self-Management For Children and Their Parents 

GRIP ® is a Serious Game for 7-11 year old children with diabetes and their parents.

GRIP ® was developed by the Health Agency in The Netherlands together with the Foundation Diabeter and Ranj Serious Games, commissioned by the Federation of Patients and Consumer Organisations in the Netherlands (NPCF).

GRIP ® puts players in a position of self-managing managing their condition, by allowing them to experience the impact of their behavior.

GRIP ® focuses not only on the patient, but also on the parents, since they often under tremendous pressure as a sick child will affect the whole family.

GRIP ® integrates aspects of diagnosis, treatment, counseling and prevention. . It consists of a personalized library of background information and a Serious Game. Children learn to take decisions and develop skills. 

Parents and doctors can remotely monitor the patient’s daily condition. INFODOC ®, the information in GRIP ® is personalized to the characteristics of the patient and the parents, including age, gender and stage of disease.

The program was launched mid March 2008 and the results show that the quality of communication between patients / parents and doctors has improved to the point of reducing the number of contacts and visits.
The Serious Game is now inextricably linked to the treatment, as much as drugs are.
Game Equals Life Announces Diabetes Awareness Adventure Game

Independent game design studio Game Equals Life has announced the upcoming release of its first title, the health education game The Magi and the Sleeping Star.

Targeted at adolescents and adults with type 1 diabetes, The Magi and the Sleeping Star rewards healthy blood sugar maintenance with in-game abilities and power-ups.

The Magi and the Sleeping Star puts players in the role of a young magic-user who has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In order to save his kidnapped family and defeat his enemies, the character must maintain a proper blood sugar level throughout his quest.

In order to stress the importance of blood sugar management, Game Equals Life has tied the character's magical abilities directly to his blood sugar level. If the level is too high or too low, the character's attacks become less effective. In some cases, his powers may be completely ineffective until a healthy blood sugar level has been established.

In-game diabetes management involves testing the character's blood sugar, choosing healthy food, and delivering appropriate amounts of insulin. Regular check-ups and extended periods of proper blood sugar management are rewarded with an increase in magical power.

"Since this hero happens to have type 1 diabetes, players must learn to manage the disease in order to be successful," said Game Equals Life president Adam Grantham. "With MSS we're using the incredible teaching power of play to illustrate that life with type 1 diabetes doesn't have to center around the disease and that good blood sugar management is the key to living a free and healthy life. As someone who's lived with type 1 diabetes for over 15 years, I'm very excited to be working on such an innovative and positive new game.”