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eVirtuoses: Serious Games Case Study Conference

Via: Les e.Virtuoses 2009 - 23 Novembre - Lille - La Convention des Producteurs de Serious Games

On the 23rd of November 2009, the second e.Virtuoses Serious Games Developers Conference will be held, at the Lille Grand Palais, in Northern France.

The conference teaser reads as follows:

"Find the solutions Serious Games bring to you"

e.Virtuoses 2009 has taken a stand towards no Serious Games big speeches. Instead, only case studies on mature achievements combined with work sessions on future projects.

Here is another stand: specific, well-segmented applications, business by business, sector by sector aiming at addressing specific concerns of development studios, researchers, and cluster leaders in each area of expertise.

The conference, organized by the Valenciennois Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support from the North Pole Pictures-Pas-de-Calais, aspires to become a major European event dedicated to further exploring the potential of Serious Games emerging market and promoting collaboration among its major players, including the public sector.

The 10 workshops
  • Health 1
    Serious Games to improve training for careers in Health
  • Health 2
    Serious Games to support the therapeutic process
  • Sales
    Serious Games to optimize the performance of vendors
  • Transportation
    Serious Games to support the transportation revolution
  • Industry
    Serious Games simulating the business and the industrial production process
  • Human Resources
    Serious Games to recruit, train and evaluate business mind-set
  • Risks
    Serious Games for training and education in hazardous jobs in the enterprise
  • Defense
    Serious Games for National Defense
  • Games4Change
    Serious Games for re-inventing the world after the crisis
  • Ecology
    Serious Games for a generation of eco-citizens