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Serious Games And The World As Interface

Via: Interactive Multimedia Technology - The World Is My Interface

Lynn Marentette, is the author of three superb Blogs: Interactive Multimedia Technology, TechPsych and Technology-Supported Human-World Interaction, that work as online filing cabinets open to the world.

They are possibly the most comprehensive Blogs over the Web on how interactive technology can support collaboration, communication and engaged learning.

The World Is My Interface is the new title of her Technology-Supported Human-World Interaction blog, focusing on off-the-desktop natural user interfaces interaction, and user experience.

On the first post Lynn explains how she came up with the idea for the new title, departing from the vision that the interface can be r
eal-world locations and public spaces, educational or social networks and settings, as well as virtual worlds - simulations, games, VR, or augmented reality - just about anything humans interact with in their daily lives.

Lynn Marentette is a school psychologist in her day job, with training in educational and clinical psychology, special education, and social science. Her journey into technology began in 2003, initially inspired by the desire of creating interactive multimedia games for young people for use on mobile devices as well as interactive whiteboards.