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Serious Games For 3D Military Training

Via: Program-Ace Military Training

Military Training is an interactive 3D multi-user simulator which allows army forces to work through various situations that can happen to troops, developed by 3D Ace Studio.

3D Ace Studio is the creative & graphics production division of Program-Ace LLC., the parent company focused mainly on Research & Development of proprietary 3D technologies for industrial applications.

The Ace 3D Engine provides a high visual quality in fully interactive mode. Through the technological expertise in the sphere of multi-user client-server solutions and communication systems, Military Training can be useful to train the actions during hostage taking, evacuations, terrorist attacks and local fights.

In case of co-development or full-cycle custom game development projects, 3D Ace Studio grants a license for next gen Ace3D Engine technology free of charge.

Being a visual company, its website does not have a lot of promotional text – but the portfolio speaks for itself.